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The Misadventures of Bob: Stay on the trail, don’t die on the tracks!

Bob has spring fever and heads out for a hiking adventure that takes him down a trail he won’t live long enough to remember.… Read More

The misadventures of Bob – complete collection (vol. 1)

If you’re not careful there are a lot of ways to die around railway tracks and property. Just ask our buddy, Bob.

Bottom line: just stay away to say alive!… Read More

Wishing you a very merry and rail safe holiday season!

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The Misadventures of Bob: Wedding photos on train tracks are a bad idea

For more of Bob’s deadly misadventures on the tracks, check out these posts:

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The misadventures of Bob: “Headphones and train tracks don’t mix”

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The misadventures of Bob #SeeTracksThink

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